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Of course, the trainings that we offer are related to "social" and "economic" topics and domains:

  • Organizational management;
  • Development of communication and negotiation abilities;
  • Project management and financing schemes;
  • Communication in a foreign language (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish);
  • Legislation (labor and trade legislation);
  • Quality and environmental management;
  • Marketing and sales;
  • Financial management;
  • Social dialogue;
  • Ethics.

The personalized training programs represent our main contribution to our clients' development. We adapt our programs to the needs of your organization both content-wise and from a methodological point of view. We also pay attention to making our training courses suitable to the level of knowledge our participants have.

The working steps for the implementation of the training programs are the following ones:

  • Assessment of the current situation (of the participants and of the organizational background);
  • Elaboration and delivery of the training program;
  • Program evaluation and revision of certain aspects of interests (follow-up).

The implementation of training programs in your organization will bring along the following benefits:

  • for the organization:
    • a stronger involvement and a powerful motivation for the company members;
    • an increase in the employees' loyalty;
    • an improvement of the individual and organizational performance;
    • better results when putting into practice the newly acquired notions;
  • for the employees::
    • an increase in the performance required in the organizational milieu where they work;
    • personal accomplishment according to the objectives envisaged;
    • an increase in the professional satisfaction;
    • a development in their career perspectives.


We can deliver both the so-called open-courses and in-house courses (i.e. programs exclusively designed for your employees or your partners).

IFES can be your partner in implementing European quality projects playing the role of trainings supplier.

The trainings can be delivered at our headquarters (400129 Cluj-Napoca, str. Eroilor, no.16) or at your headquarters or any other venue.

List of the training courses authorized by the National Council for Adult Vocational Training (Ro. Consiliul National de Formare Profesionala a Adultilor):

  • Communication in a foreign language: English (auth: 12/331/2005);
  • Financial management (auth. 12/153/2005);
  • Procurement management (auth. 12/329/2005);
  • Human resources management (auth.12/153/2005);
  • Quality system manager (auth. 12/330/2005);
  • Methods of looking for a job (auth. 12/328/2005);
  • Sales techniques (auth. 12/149/2005)

The participants will receive either Participation Certificates or Graduation Certificates (NCAVT), depending on the specific situation.

For more information or offer request, please contact us.

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